Are Human Monster ?

Does it strange if I say me, myself always try to avoid the death which is caused by my own hand of all living being, even small animals like ants, mosquitos, cockroaches , and etc ?

Every time if I see my friend was going to clap a mosquito as it is so annoying for her, I will definitely hold her action and tell her not to end its life with your hands. Then after that she will frown and look at me strangely. Well, this was not happened only once, but every time with different people.

Why I avoid to kill mosquitos, ants, and other small living being ?
Why I also avoid to eat any living being that can still be alive if I don’t order them ? Example for this, I won’t order any fish that is still alive in the restaurant and ready to be killed once we, as human, want to eat them.

Other living being is like us. Ants have nest that they build by their own and they need to find sweets outside in order to live. This has no big difference with us, we have our own home that we build with money and we need to earn a living. We are just so lucky that we have brain to be intellective and have our own capability to do many things in the world.

Well, I do not say this to make friends with ants. But It is just unfair if we kill them because of our own mistake that we often eat sweets carelessly on our desk or we forgot to close properly our sugar container. What is wrong if we just remove the sweets and leave all the ants gone ? Or if we free the mosquitos to the open air instead of killing them ?

However, it is very impossible to make sure that we won’t accidentally step on a small ants on the ground. But anything that can be avoided, I will definitely do so.



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