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Coffee Box Restaurant

Restaurant with many kinds of Indonesia traditional snacks and food.

The restaurant serve so many selections of Indonesia traditional market snacks. If you are seeking traditional snacks with air con facility environment, I strongly recommend you to come here.

The restaurant is cozy with several Indonesia’s traditional accessorise. For instance traditional hamper, lights, sarong, etc.


We ordered :

  1. Otak-otak


Otak-otak  is a grilled fish cake and always wrapped with banana leaf. Otak otak in Indonesia is different with other countries, where there are no turmeric added so that the colour always white.

The restaurant served this otak-otak with thick peanut sauce which is a good combination.


2.  Martabak Telor India

IMG_8524In Medan, there so many kinds of Martabak that available here. One of them is Martabak Telor India.  The martabak basically consist of egg, meats, chilis, onions, potato, and other seasoning. This food is always served with light curry and pickled cucumber. The restaurant served a good taste of Martabak Telor India.


3. Hotplate Tahu Jepang


A Stir fried variants of vegetable with Japan Tofu and sauces served on top of fried thin omelet. The taste is still at the average.

There are so many kinds of recommended Indonesia and Chinese food here by the chef and I believe I can find something more special here next time. The service was good and price was compatible. We were two people and paid Rp. 185.000,- with a very full stomach.

Location : Jl. Palang Merah, Medan, Indonesia

Ratings :
– Food and service : 13.5/20
– Price : 18/20

Visit Date : 3th September 2017

If you wanna see other traditional Chinese Indonesia Food, you can also visit :

  1. Ke Neng Ko – Egg Flower Cake
  2. Grilled Satay On Top Of Charcoal In Traditional Market
  3. Huat Koe – Chinese Flower Cake – Non Coconut Milk

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