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Muddy Instant Noodle Is National Favourite Yet Not Good For Our Health

Generally, there are two kinds of instant noodle, which is the fry one and another is soup. Then divided by variants of flavor. For instance curry, soto, etc.

But there is one version of instant noodle which is not being produced intentionally by all of the brand. It is Muddy Instant Noodle, which we called as Indomie Becek. Muddy Instant Noodle comes from the citizen themselves to upgrade the texture of instant noodle’s soup.

It is the noodle with a little soup and the soup’s texture is very thick. Frankly, this is a bit dangerous for your health since we need to cook everything together with the instant spices. As you know, the instant spices should not be cooked exceed 100 degrees. However, it taste so heavenly and once in a while I’ll definitely miss this.

Indomie Becek / Muddy Indomie

1. How to cook muddy Indomie?

You can use your own favorite instant noodle instead of Indomie. But I recommend you to use Indomie since it works really well with muddy thick soup texture.
First, boil the noodle with not too much water. The quantity of water depends on how thick and soupy you want your noodle. After the noodle is half cooked, put in 1 egg, preferable vegetable, small chopped chilis, and the spices that usually is provided in every instant noodle. After all are cooked, serve with cilantro.
From the above ingredients, chilis, vegetable, and cilantro are optional.

2. So we also cook altogether with the leftover water that comes from boiled noodle?

Yes. That’s also another reason why I say this is not good for your health to consume.

However, even though most of the people already know how dangerous it is, there are still so many customer to order muddy Indomie. Even me myself still consume it once in a while.


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