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RM. Asan – Chinese Indonesia Food


RM. Asan is owned by a Chinese and serve various Batak and Chinese Food. Batak is an ethnic in Indonesia and is dominated with their delicious pork dishes with various of spices and sauces.


The situation inside restaurant is like a very casual restaurant and crowded, especially at  both lunch and dinner time. About the service, it is at the average which is not unforgettable yet also not bad at all.

Every single portion of a cup white rice will get one soup and unlimited sauce. The green sauce is Batak’s sauce and usually being mixed with soy sauce. The taste is mint, herbs, sweet, and a bit spicy. While the soup is an ordinary bengkoang.

We ordered :

  1. ‘Paikut Khas Bali’ which is also known as Bali Pork Ribs.
Paikut Khas Bali – Bali Pork Ribs – IDR. 120.000

The taste is ordinary and not the best in town. The sauce is not strong enough and its meat is not well marinated with sauce.







2. ‘Babi Goreng’ which is also known as Fried Pork

Babi Goreng – Fried Pork – IDR. 58.000

This is the boom ! The skin is so crispy yet the meat so soft. Perfect combination with Batak Green Sauce. Sadly, this is so expensive that it cost us Rp. 58.000,-






3. ‘Ikan Gurame Ala Thai’ which is also known as Thailand Gurame Fish

Ikan Gurami Ala Thai – Thailand Gurame – IDR. 100.000

Perfect combination within sweet sour and a bit spicy. The speciality is that they cut up all the fish’s meat and fry them one by one. So we can taste the crispiness every single bite, not only the skin.

The cucumber brought a fresh feeling for the food.



4. ‘Tukha / Babi Kecap’

Tukha – Babi Kecap – IDR. 50.000

I would say that the Tukha is the best in town so far. I never met this perfect soft texture at the lean part of pork. The spices also perfectly combined.

The soup is well marinated inside the pork so that every single bite is so tasteful.




Total bill for 5 people was IDR. 492.000. Which is a bit pricy if we mention about how small the portion is. I expect more with that price in Rumah Makan type restaurant in Medan.

The highlight so far is Tukha, Thai Gurame, and also Fried Pork.


Location : Jl. Wahidin 11-E ( Samping Jl. Banda Aceh )
Visit Date : 01-09-2017
Rating :
1. Food and Service : 15/20
2. Price : 7/20




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