Location     : Jl. T. Amir Hamzah, Helvetia Tim., Medan Helvetia, Medan, Indonesia
Visit Date   : 27th August 2017 , 19:00 – 21:00 WIB

  • Food       : 8/20
  • Service  : 5/20

Morning Glory is one of a casual dining restaurant in Medan and located at a very strategic location.

The vibe and decoration of the restaurant is cozy and woody with a just right yellow lightning and acoustic relaxing song. I really like the woody table and chairs that they use, it is unique and classic at the same time.



We sat in a room that was separated with the main room as directed by the waitress. Most of the waitress were stand by in the main room and not even one in our room. Even though remote to ask an assistance was attached on every single table, sometimes we need to press the remote several times as we waited too long. Asked for the bill took us at least 10 minutes to wait after pressing the remote 2 times.

You can find several cuisines in the restaurant, which is Indonesia, Thailand, and Western. The menu was listed so many chef’s recommendations and finally my selection went to Fettuccine Carbonara. It is very hard to find a restaurant in Medan that serves a delicious Fettuccine Carbonara. Since it was also one of the chef’s recommendation, I went with that.

The funny thing is when I saw the description in the Menu for this Fettucini Carbonara, it said “generous measure of parmesan cheese tossed into egg and cream whipped noodles served with crispy bacon”, the waitress asked me to choose either chicken or cow. Then I told her that in the menu it said the fettuccine should be with crispy bacon instead of chicken or cow. After her explanation, I figured out the menu is not updated.

IMG_8438The Fettuccine Carbonara came out tasteless. Not salty enough and the chicken was a bit smelly and not fresh. I was not satisfied with my dinner that night.


Talking about the drink, I like how they formed a cute love symbol on the top of the coffee. I ordered Yin Yang Coffee which was also one of the chef’s recommendation. In the menu, it said this coffee is a just right blended of coffee, tea, and milk. But after I tasted it, I couldn’t taste any tea blended inside. It was just an ordinary coffee.

I like how the idea of separating sugar with the coffee as every customer has their own preferable amount of sugar. But a sad thing is the spoon is too short to stir the coffee. I even need to pinch at the end of the spoon that they gave and make sure that my finger was not touch my coffee.


Total bill for my food was Rp. 105.000, which is also a standard price for a casual dining restaurant in Medan.

I like the restaurant’s vibe and decoration but the service and food were under my expectations.


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