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Rainbow only comes after rain . . .

Rainbow only comes after rain” is a sentence that has the same meaning as “fat only comes after overeating

There is always a causality between two events.

As a man, it is perfectly make sense if we start something because seeing many success story. We start everything cool and when facing many incidents that make us down, we often stop. Then after a while and see another story, you are motivated and will start all over again with full energy at the beginning and fail to continue again at the end. Will you keep repeating the same thing like this ? Won’t you tired of keep repeating the beginning of  a story ?

Behind a success story, there are tons of obstacles. They are called success man after passing the obstacles that you’ve faced today. That’s what make them different with others.

Better not to begin than to repeat the same level of stairs. Remember why we start and how should we end it.




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