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Ke Neng Ko – Egg Flower Cake


Ke Neng Ko is the cake that we spelled in Hok Kian Language. Ke is Chicken, while Neng is Egg and Ko is Cake. This Ke Neng Ko is one of our Chinese traditional cake and is used to presented on top of the prayer table. You can find this cake in traditional market every month  near Chinese date of 1st and 15th, same as Huat Koe. But the texture and how it looks are different with Huat Koe. These are usually presented on red plate with either 3 or 5 in total.


The texture of Ke Neng Ko is not bubbly like Huat Koe. And they can still be very soft even cold already. When you chew it, it’s like soft Japanase Cake but this come with different flavour. This cake is a bit sweet and perfect for light morning breakfast.

Ke Neng ko is came with 3 colours, which are pink, chocolate and green. Frankly to say there is no any differences in taste between pink and the green one, the colours are made only to have an attractive look. While the chocolate colour, yes you can taste a slightly chocolate powder in the cake. But trust me, it doesn’t make any big deal.

If you love to try cultural and traditional taste, this one is a must in your list. This is also one of my favourite traditional Chinese cake.

Enjoy 🙂


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