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Huat Koe – Chinese Flower Cake – Non Coconut Milk


Huat Koe in our Hok Kien means Flower Cake in English. Every Huat Koe is always pink colour and you can find this in all of the traditional market every month  near Chinese date of 1st and 15th.

This cake usually is presented on a prayer’s table every single prayer day. Most of the people will put either 3 or 5 in total on one red plate.

There are two kinds of Huat Koe. One is being cooked with coconut milk and another is without coconut milk. In this blog, I will talk about The Huat Koe without coconut milk. Another blog about the other type of Huat Koe will come out soon.

Let me show you the inside texture of the cake that is without coconut milk.


Yes, the cake inside is bubbly and more rough than muffin or sponge cake. It give you just a slight of sweetness and will become more and more rough after they are cold.

Frankly to say, Huat Koe is not a perfect choice for you who wants to seek an extremely delicious flavour, but if you want to taste the traditional culture food, this must be one of your lists and I recommend you to eat this when it’s hot so that the texture will be a bit spongy. The displayed cakes in the market are cold already. You can steam it again and this is perfect if you want a light breakfast in the morning.

Enjoy 🙂




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