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Grilled Satay On Top Of Charcoal In Traditional Market

Grill Station

The stand that sell this satay is really eye catching every time I come by displaying these savoury satay on the top of banana leaf. Not only that, the pork are grilled on the spot so that you can smell them even before you arrive right at the stand. There is one aunty who is very welcome us even though she is so busy at the grilling station.

Talking about the satay, they only sell pork. The meat is marinated with the perfect sweet salty spices. It’s grilled perfectly on top of charcoal and so chewy. Some part of it you can taste just a little almost burnt and I love it.

When I went abroad, some of the countries make grilled satay by using aluminium foil wrapping the meat on top of charcoal. Actually by doing that, We can not taste the part which is the almost burnt taste. And I prefer the satay that is grilled without a wrap like this.

The price is reasonable, which Rp. 3.500,00 per skewer.


Location : Pasar Ramai, Medan, Indonesia
Visit Date : 21 August 2017


Food : 15/20
Price : 16/20


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