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Lemak Aceh Ayung

Lemak Aceh Ayung, one of the well known stand in Pasar Ramai

Nasi Lemak Ayung, Pasar Ramai

The stand is located inside the traditional market and they only have take away service. This shop is well known of their Nasi Lemak since 6 years ago. In one packet, it is included lemak rice, serundeng, boiled egg with chilis condiment, tauco, sweet emping, rendang and jerky meat.

Its nasi lemak dan serundeng has enough fragrant and well done. The jerky meat and emping give us sweet savoury taste. After mix all of the side dish, taste become a bit spicy, sweet, distinctive and you can smell bay leaf fragrant from its rice. This food is from Indonesia and the Nasi Lemak that is served in this shop has been blended with Chinese taste.

However, the price is not reasonable. In Medan, the average price for breakfast in the traditional market is around Rp. 8.000,00 – Rp. 25.000,00. This one packet cost me Rp. 26.000,00 with a small portion of Nasi Lemak. I’ve never met that small portion of Nasi Lemak with that expensive price in Medan.

Even though I like how they change the original nasi lemak and how the mixing side dish become a good combo, I do not think with that price, this is worthy.



  • Food and Service : 12/20
  • Price : 0/20

Location : Pasar Ramai, Medan, Indonesia
Visit Date : 24th August 2017IMG_8395


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